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The BK900 is an elegant, convenient, and highly crafted yacht, designed to be the ultimate leisure companion

Every BK Yacht is a marvel of elegant design
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Streamlined Hull Lines

Each feature of the yacht has been thoughtfully crafted, boosting its eye-catching allure. In every corner, the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication can be found, offering a unique style that stands out.


Expansive Open Layout

The expertly designed spacious layout maximizes room for movement and fosters seamless social interaction, enhancing the overall on-board experience.

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Immerse in the Comfort and Sophistication of BK900's Interior
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Ingeniously Designed Compartments for Optimal Use
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Spacious Garage

Never compromise on functionality or style. The intelligently designed garage space accommodates cushions and watersport equipment, ensuring everything you need for a memorable day on the water is at your fingertips, stored away safely and conveniently, contributing to the tidy aesthetics of the deck.

Experience the Elegance of BK900

Experience the captivating allure of the BK900, where elegance, convenience, and craftsmanship meet. Don't just dream, seize the opportunity to live it - schedule your personal tour today.

User-friendly Music System

Setting the tone for relaxation, our comfort features provide a soothing environment to kick back and enjoy your voyage with ease and luxury.

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Unwind in Luxury: Comfort Features for Ultimate Relaxation

BK900 Specs


Length 9.0 m

Beam 2.9 m

Draft 0.9 m

Vertical Clearance 1.3 m


CE Category C

Long range

Everyday cruising

Range at cruising speed

80 Nm

Range at top speed

10 Nm


15 kW

Cruising speed

5 knots

Top speed

10 knots


15 kWh


Speed and power

Range at cruising speed

60 Nm

Range at top speed

20 Nm


100 kW

Cruising speed

12 knots

Top speed

20 knots


100 kWh

Distinctive BK900: The Pinnacle of Elegance, Convenience, and Dutch Craftsmanship
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